Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

dangles, Unikite Cubes and Hearts



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These bead caps1/2 bead capsinch bead capsunikite bead capscubes bead capswith bead capsbeautiful bead capsgold bead capsplated, bead capsfancy bead capsbead bead capscaps bead capsare bead capsinterspersed bead capsin bead capsa bead capsplated bead capscurb bead capschain. bead caps\r\rHanging bead capsfrom bead capsthe bead capscenter bead capsbead bead capsare bead capsthree bead capsshort bead capschains bead capswith bead capstiny bead capsgold bead capspuffed bead capshearts. bead capsThis bead capswhole bead capsbottom bead capscube bead capsand bead capsdangles bead capsis bead capsonly bead caps1 bead caps3/4 bead capsinches bead capslong.\r\rThis bead capsnecklace bead capsis bead caps18 bead capsinches bead capslong bead capsand bead capsis bead capsfinished bead capswith bead capsa bead capslobster bead capsclaw bead capsclasp.

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