Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

liquid silver, Stained glass necklace link chain by Monica van der Mars



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Simple, amberClassic, ambertimeless! amberCustomers amberwho amberhave amberbought amberthis ambernecklace ambersay amberthat amberthey amberwear amberthis amberstriking ambernecklace amberdaily. amberCasual amberor amberdressy.Shown amberhere amberin amberPurple amberIridescent. amber1/2 amber" amberstained amberglass ambernugget amberstrung amberon amber16" amberllinkchain amberwith amber3 amber" amberextender amberchain.Available amberin:amberblackcobaltlight amberblue amberiridescentlight ambergreenpink amberiridescentpurple amberiridescentredteal ambergreenturquoisewhitePlease amberspecify ambercolor amberchoice amber& amberantique ambergunmetal amberor ambersilver amberfinish amberin amberthe ambernotes amberwhen amberordering.

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