Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

jewelry, Felt Heart Brooch Beaded Sweetheart Token



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Beautiful love tokenhand love tokencrafted love tokenheart love tokenshaped love tokenbrooch. love tokenMade love tokenusing love tokenhot love tokenpink love tokencerise love tokenfelt love tokenand love tokenhand love tokenbeaded love tokenwith love tokenglass love tokenseed love tokenbeads. love tokenThe love tokenbrooch love tokenmeasures love tokenapprox love token3 love tokeninches love tokenor love tokennearly love token8cm love tokenin love tokenheight love tokenand love tokenis love tokenapprox love token3.5 love tokeninches love tokenor love token9 love tokencm love tokenwide. love tokenA love tokenvery love tokenpretty love tokenstatement love tokenbrooch, love tokenoozing love tokenromance love tokenand love tokencupid love tokenendorsed love tokenlove.

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