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clasp, Victorian Silver French Bolt Ring Clasp For Watch Chain or to Mix Charms



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Useful bolt ringVictorian bolt ringsilver bolt ringbolt bolt ringring bolt ringclasp bolt ringfor bolt ringwatch bolt ringchain bolt ring bolt ringor bolt ringto bolt ringmix bolt ringcharms.It bolt ringmeasures bolt ring15.64 bolt ringmm bolt ringdiameter. bolt ringWeight bolt ringis bolt ring1.72 bolt ringgram.It bolt ringhas bolt ringboar's bolt ringhead bolt ring bolt ringmark bolt ringfor bolt ringFrench bolt ringsilver. bolt ringIt bolt ringcloses bolt ringwell. bolt ringIt bolt ringis bolt ringin bolt ringexcellent bolt ringantique bolt ringcondition. bolt ring bolt ringPlease bolt ringnote bolt ringthat bolt ringsome bolt ringStates bolt ringof bolt ringUSA bolt ringhave bolt ringapproximately bolt ring10 bolt ring% bolt ringof bolt ringgovernmental bolt ringtaxes, bolt ringand bolt ringAustralia bolt ringtoo.They bolt ringare bolt ringnot bolt ringincluded bolt ringin bolt ringmy bolt ringprice, bolt ringEtsy bolt ringcollects bolt ringthem bolt ringfor bolt ringthe bolt ringgovernment, bolt ringso bolt ringyou bolt ringhave bolt ringto bolt ringthink bolt ringabout bolt ringit bolt ringbefore bolt ringbuying. bolt ringFeel bolt ringfree bolt ringto bolt ringask bolt ringme bolt ringfor bolt ringany bolt ringquestions bolt ringyou bolt ringmay bolt ringhave.I bolt ringtry bolt ringto bolt ringmake bolt ringthe bolt ringbest bolt ringprice bolt ringso bolt ringthat bolt ringyou bolt ringare bolt ringnot bolt ringaffected bolt ringby bolt ringthis bolt ringtax.

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