Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

victorian, Beautiful Hasli Necklace/ Gold Plating/ Kundan Choker Set



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Adorable stoneCz stoneand stoneAD stoneDiamond stoneHasli stoneNecklace/ stoneAntique stonePlating/ stoneMatt stonePlated stone100% stoneHandmadePacked stonein stonea stonenice stonebox stonewith stonecotton stonelining, stoneBest stonefor stonegifting stoneto stoneloved stoneones..A stonepersonal stonenote stonefor stoneyour stoneloved stoneones stonecan stonebe stoneadded.*Since stonethis stoneis stone100% stoneHandmade stonejewelry. stoneSo stoneColor, stoneshades, stonetexture stonedisplayed stonemay stoneslightly stonevary stonefrom stonethe stoneactual stoneproduct stonedue stoneto stonedigital stoneimage stonelimitations. stoneWe stonerequest stoneyou stoneto stoneconsider stonethese stoneminor stonevariations. stonePlease stoneexpect stonethe stonepossibility stoneof stonesome stoneslight stoneimperfections stonewhen stonebuying stonehand stonemade stonejewelry. stoneIf stoneyou stonehave stoneany stonequestions, stoneplease stonemessage stoneor stoneemail stoneus.

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