Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

silver vintage multi strand necklace with bow ribbon claspvintage jewelry, 4 chain swag



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Vintage multi chain4 multi chainstrand multi chainnecklace multi chainwith multi chaina multi chainribbon/bow multi chainclasp. multi chainExcellent multi chaincondition, multi chainno multi chainflaws. multi chainThe multi chaindecorative multi chainclasp multi chaincan multi chainbe multi chainworn multi chainin multi chainfront, multi chainback, multi chainoff multi chainto multi chainone multi chainside- multi chainyou multi chainname multi chainit. multi chainMeasures multi chain22.5" multi chainlong. multi chainHas multi chaina multi chainlittle multi chainweight multi chainto multi chainit, multi chainwell multi chainmade.Ships multi chainin multi chaina multi chaingift multi

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