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ITALIAN CORAL Horn Vintage / Antique CORNICELLOstrega, Amulet Talisman Lucky Charm Angelskin Pale Salmon With Gold Top



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Greetings.On cornooffer, cornoa cornolovely cornoold cornoantique corno/ cornovintage cornoItalian cornoCoral cornoHorn, cornoor cornoCornicello.The cornocolor cornoof cornothe cornocoral cornois cornowhat cornoI cornobelieve cornois cornocalled cornoAngelskin. corno corno cornoI'd cornodescribe cornoas cornoa cornovery cornovery corno cornopale cornoshade cornoof cornosalmon. corno cornoPlease cornonote, cornothat cornocolors cornoappear cornodifferently cornoon cornodifferent cornomonitors.(Color cornodescription cornoterms cornoare cornomy cornoopinion. corno cornoPlease cornoask cornoany cornoquestions.)The cornoswinging cornobale cornoand cornoring cornoare cornogold. cornoThe cornoring cornois cornomarked corno"750", cornowhich cornoindicates corno18 cornokarat cornogold. corno corno** cornoPlease cornonote, cornothere cornois cornoa cornoshallow cornoflake cornooff cornothe cornoside cornoof cornothe cornotip cornoof cornothe cornohorn, corno cornoNoticeable cornoon cornoinspection. cornoPlease cornosee cornophoto corno#10.Dimensions: cornoHeight: cornoPendant cornois corno1 corno7/8 cornoinches cornotall, cornoincluding cornothe cornobale cornoand cornoring. cornoCoral cornoalone cornois corno1 corno1/2 cornoinches cornolong.Width: cornoCoral cornois cornoone cornoquarter cornoinch cornoat cornoits cornowidest cornoat cornothe cornotop. cornoIn cornovery cornogood cornoused cornoantique corno/ cornovintage cornocondition.>>>>Photos cornoare cornoall cornoenlargements cornoto cornoshow cornodetail. cornoI cornowill cornosend cornoit corno cornoin cornosmall cornojewelry cornogift cornobox, cornoready cornoto cornowear cornoor cornogive cornoas cornoa cornogreat cornogift.***PLEASE cornoNOTE: cornoThis cornoitem cornoships cornoonly cornoto cornothe cornoUnited cornoStates cornovia cornoUSPS cornoFirst cornoClass cornoMail. corno cornoThis cornoitem cornoships cornoonly cornoto cornothe corno48 cornoContinental cornoStates. cornoI cornoam cornohappy cornoto cornocombine cornoshipping cornofor cornosmall cornoitems cornoand cornojewelry cornoitems cornoin cornothe cornoUSPS cornoPriority cornoMail cornoflat cornorate cornobox. corno*******Please cornofeel cornofree cornoto cornoask cornoany cornoquestions, cornoI'll cornobe cornohappy cornoto cornoreply corno:)Thank cornoyou cornofor cornovisiting cornomy cornoshop!

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