Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Blue Flower Pinblue fabric flower, Layered Fabric Flower Broochblue fabric flower, Boho Floral Pinblue fabric flower, Beaded Floral Accessory ~ Moroccan Moon in Navy and Gray



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Shades flower accessoryof flower accessorymidnight flower accessorynavy, flower accessorydusty flower accessoryteal flower accessoryand flower accessorymoonlit flower accessorysilver, flower accessorylayered flower accessorytogether flower accessoryinto flower accessorya flower accessorylush flower accessoryfloral flower accessoryaccessory. flower accessory flower accessoryComposed flower accessoryof flower accessorya flower accessorym\u00e9lange flower accessoryof flower accessorysatin flower accessoryand flower accessorychiffon flower accessoryfabrics flower accessoryand flower accessorytatters flower accessoryof flower accessoryhand-dyed flower accessorylace, flower accessorywith flower accessorya flower accessoryshimmering, flower accessoryhandstitched flower accessoryfaux-druzy flower accessoryand flower accessorycrystal flower accessorycenter.~~~<<\u2734>>~~~Measures flower accessoryabout flower accessory3 flower accessory3/4 flower accessoryinches flower accessory(10 flower accessorycm) flower accessoryin flower accessorydiameter, flower accessorywith flower accessorya flower accessory1 flower accessory1/4" flower accessory(3.1 flower accessorycm) flower accessorysilvertone flower accessorypinback.~Completed flower accessoryand flower accessoryready flower accessoryfor flower accessoryshipping~~~~<<\u2734>>~~~To flower accessorygo flower accessoryback flower accessoryto flower accessoryViridian's flower accessoryhomepage, flower accessoryclick flower accessoryhere:https://www./shop/Viridian

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