Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage copper medallion necklace . large sword and family crest pendantcrest pendant, coat of arms



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Vintage 1960s necklacecopper 1960s necklacemedallion 1960s necklacenecklace 1960s necklacecirca 1960s necklace1950s/60s. 1960s necklaceThe 1960s necklacenecklace 1960s necklacefeatures 1960s necklacea 1960s necklacelarge 1960s necklacependant 1960s necklacewith 1960s necklacecrossed 1960s necklaceswords 1960s necklaceand 1960s necklacea 1960s necklacefamily 1960s necklacecrest. 1960s necklaceInside 1960s necklacethe 1960s necklacecrest 1960s necklaceare 1960s necklacea 1960s necklacelion 1960s necklaceand 1960s necklaceunicorn. 1960s necklaceThe 1960s necklacependant 1960s necklaceis 1960s necklace2.25" 1960s necklacewide 1960s necklaceand 1960s necklaceslightly 1960s necklacedomed/3d. 1960s necklaceThe 1960s necklacechain 1960s necklaceis 1960s necklace18" 1960s necklaceand 1960s necklacecloses 1960s necklacewith 1960s necklacea 1960s necklacefolding 1960s necklaceclasp. 1960s necklaceUnsigned, 1960s necklacethough 1960s necklacethe 1960s necklaceclasp 1960s necklacehas 1960s necklacea 1960s necklacelovely 1960s necklacefiligree-like 1960s necklaceswirl 1960s necklacedesign.Ships 1960s necklacein 1960s necklacea 1960s necklacegift 1960s necklacebox.I 1960s necklacecombine 1960s necklaceshipping 1960s necklaceon 1960s necklacemultiple 1960s

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