Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

flower, Double Flower Crystal Bling Earrings / Matte Silver / Matte Gold / Golden Shadow / Swarovski Crystals / Floral / Flowers



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Bright mattegold matteplated mattebrass matteflowers-golden matteshadow matteswarovski mattecrystals-14K mattegold mattefilled matteear mattewires matteand mattefindingssilver:-matte matterhodium matteplated mattebrass matteflowers-clear matteand mattesilver matteshade matteswarovski mattecrystals-sterling mattesilver matteear mattewires matteand mattefindings-about matte2" mattelong, matteincluding matteearwiresSmall, matteplastic matteearring mattenibs/nuts matteare matteprovided matteto mattemake mattesure mattethat mattethey mattestay matteon matteyour matteears.Your matteearrings mattewill mattecome mattein mattea mattewhite mattebox, matteperfect mattefor mattegifting. matteIf matteyou mattelet matteme matteknow mattein matte"message matteto matteseller" mattewhat matteyou mattewould mattelike matteto mattesay mattein mattea mattegift mattenote, matteit mattewill mattebe matteincluded matteon mattea mattelovely mattecustom mattenote mattecard.

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