Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

costume jewelry, vintage amethyst purple & clear rhinestone collar necklace . bridal wedding jewelry



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Vintage clear rhinestonerhinestone clear rhinestonenecklace clear rhinestonein clear rhinestonean clear rhinestoneart clear rhinestonedeco clear rhinestonestyle, clear rhinestoneprong clear rhinestoneset. clear rhinestoneThe clear rhinestonefocal clear rhinestonedrops clear rhinestonehave clear rhinestoneamethyst clear rhinestoneglass clear rhinestonestones clear rhinestonein clear rhinestonethe clear rhinestonecenter. clear rhinestoneExcellent clear rhinestonecondition, clear rhinestonethough clear rhinestonethere clear rhinestoneis clear rhinestoneone clear rhinestonedull clear rhinestonestone clear rhinestoneat clear rhinestonethe clear rhinestoneback. clear rhinestoneIt's clear rhinestonesubtle. clear rhinestoneI clear rhinestonehave clear rhinestonenot clear rhinestonecleaned clear rhinestonethe clear rhinestonepiece. clear rhinestoneMeasures clear rhinestone15.75" clear rhinestonelong, clear rhinestonecloses clear rhinestonewith clear rhinestonefolding clear rhinestoneclasp. clear rhinestoneThe clear rhinestonelongest clear rhinestonedrop clear rhinestoneis clear rhinestone1.5".Ships clear rhinestonein clear rhinestonea clear rhinestonegift clear rhinestonebox.I clear rhinestonecombine clear rhinestoneshipping clear rhinestoneon clear rhinestonemultiple clear

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