Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage modernist mixed metal earringspost earrings, danglin' ballspost earrings, minimalist ice pick inspired look



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Vintage pierced earsmodernist pierced earsmixed pierced earsmetal pierced earsearrings pierced earswith pierced earsshiny pierced earssilver pierced earsballs pierced earsaccented pierced earsby pierced earsa pierced earsmore pierced earsmatte pierced earsgold. pierced earsFor pierced earspierced pierced earsears. pierced earsReminds pierced earsme pierced earsof pierced earsthe pierced earsolder pierced earsice pierced earspick pierced earslook pierced earsjewelry. pierced earsExcellent pierced earscondition, pierced earsno pierced earsflaws. pierced ears1.75" pierced earslongShips pierced earsin pierced earsa pierced earsgift pierced

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