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silver bird brooch, Stylized 1950’s MCM Silver Bird Pin



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This mcm broochvery mcm broochattractive mcm broochbrooch mcm broochis mcm brooch mcm brooch mcm broochsilver mcm broochwith mcm broocha mcm broochmid mcm broochcentury mcm broochmodern mcm broochdesign mcm broochof mcm broocha mcm broochbird.This mcm broochvery mcm broochcool mcm broochc. mcm brooch1950s mcm broochbrooch mcm broochis mcm broochlikely mcm broochfrom mcm broochMexico mcm broochbut mcm broochunsigned. mcm broochI mcm broochbelieve mcm broochthat mcm broochit\u2019s mcm broochsilver mcm broochplated mcm broochbrass. mcm broochThe mcm broochstylized mcm broochdesign mcm broochis mcm broocha mcm broochvery mcm broochcool mcm broochmid-century mcm broochlook!This mcm broochpin mcm broochmeasures mcm brooch3 mcm brooch3/4" mcm broochand mcm brooch1 mcm brooch1/2".

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