Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Pink and black agate druzy focal beadcharms pendants, agate pendantcharms pendants, agatecharms pendants, healing stonecharms pendants, chakracharms pendants, wire wrappingcharms pendants, beadingcharms pendants, bead embroidery P5



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This beadsis beadsa beadsvery beadsnice beadsagate beadsdruzy beadsflat beadsback beadspendant. beads beadsPink beadsand beadsblack beadsagate beadsdruzy beadsfocal beadsbead, beadsagate beadspendant, beadsagate, beadshealing beadsstone, beadschakra, beads beadswire beadswrapping, beadsbeading, beadsbead beadsembroidery. beads beadsUSA beadsshop beadsin beadsTennesseeMeasures beads35 beadsx beads50mm

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