Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Vintage 60's GLASS Beaded FLOWER Pinhippie costume, Hippie Flower Powerhippie costume, 70's Mod Daisy Brooch



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This hippie costumefun hippie costumelittle hippie costumebrooch hippie costumeis hippie costumefrom hippie costumethe hippie costumeflower hippie costumepower hippie costumeera hippie costumeof hippie costumethe hippie costume1960's hippie costumeor hippie costumeearly hippie costume1970's. hippie costumeThis hippie costumehippie hippie costumebrooch hippie costumeis hippie costumemade hippie costumewith hippie costumetiny hippie costumeglass hippie costumeseed hippie costumebeads hippie costumeinto hippie costumethe hippie costumeshape hippie costumeof hippie costumea hippie costumebright hippie costumedaisy.Measures hippie costumein hippie costume1 hippie costume1/2\u201d hippie costumediameter hippie costumeand hippie costumethe hippie costumeclasp hippie costumeworks hippie costumewell.

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