Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

5 bronze settingscameo, 25x35 cameo settingcameo, bronze pendantcameo, bronze bezelcameo, bezelcameo, vintage style settingcameo, Pendant Traycameo, oval setting



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You blankswill blanksreceive blanks5 blanksbronze blankssettings blanksthat blankshave blanksan blanksinterior blanksopening blanksof blanks25x35mm. blanks blankscameo blankssetting, blanksbronze blankspendant, blanksbronze blanksbezel, blanksbezel, blanksvintage blanksstyle blankssetting, blanksPendant blanksTray, blanksoval blankssettingSimple blanksvintage blanksstyle blankspendant blankstray blanksin blanksa blankssoft blanksantiqued blanksbronze blanksfinish. blanks blanksThe blanksinner blanksdiameter blanksmeasures blanks35x25mm.Superior blanksqualityVintage blankslook blanksbronze blanksfinishAttached blanksbale: blanks blanksHole blanksis blanksapproximately blanks4x6mmSturdy, blankswill blanksnot blanksbend blanksor blankswarpMaterial: blanks blanksZinc blanksalloy, blankslead-free blanksand blanksnickel-free

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