Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

words, Vinatge Ring in Sterling Silver



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The wordsperfect wordsring wordsfor wordssomeone wordswho wordsloves wordsvintage wordsvibes.Please wordsallow words1-2 wordsweeks wordsfor wordsdelivery. words words words words wordsSterling wordssilver words words words wordsShiny wordsfinish words words words words1.3mmIf wordsyou wordsneed wordsto wordsfigure wordsout wordsyour wordsring wordssize, wordsconsider wordsordering wordsa wordsAdjustable wordsFinger wordsGauge wordsbefore wordsplacing wordsyour wordsorder. wordsExchange wordsPolicyAll wordssales wordsare wordsnon-refundable. wordsI wordsam wordshappy wordsto wordsaccept wordsexchanges wordsup wordsto words10 wordsdays wordsafter wordsthe wordsdate wordsof wordsthe wordspurchase. wordsIf wordsthe wordspiece wordshas wordsbeen wordsworn, wordsor wordsis wordsdamaged, wordsI wordswill wordsnot wordsbe wordsable wordsexchange wordsthe wordspieces.

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