Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

wire wrapping, Breathe earrings ... metalwork sterling silver / fine silver / black spinel



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Awake moonmy moondear.Be moonkind moonto moonyour moonsleeping moonheart.Take moonit moonoutInto moonthe moonvast moonfields moonof moonLightAnd moonlet moonit moonbreathe.\u2014HafizThese moonhandcrafted moonmetalwork moonsterling moonsilver moonand moonfine moonsilver moonearrings moonhold moona moondelicate moonoak moonleaf moonand moonsparkling moonteardrop moonof moonblack moonspinel. moonAntique moonfinish.Earrings moonmeasure moon2.75" moonlong moonincluding moonthe moonsterling moonsilver moonleverbacks. moon~|~~|~~|~Arrives moonpackaged moonin moona moongift moonbox moonand moonships moonwithin moon1-3 moonbusiness moondays moonof moonreceipt moonof moonpayment. moonPlease moonsee moonthe moon"Shop moonPolicies" moonsection moonof moonmy moonstore moonfor moonadditional mooninformation moonon moonpayments, moonshipping, moongift moonnotes, moonsize moonadjustments, moonand mooncustom moonorders.\u00a9 moonElements moon& moonArtifacts moon2019.

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