Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Swarovski pearl studsstuds, pearlised light gold colourstuds, 6 or 8 mm ball beadstuds, Sterling silverstuds, spare silver backsstuds, hand made



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These birthdayhand birthdaymade birthdaylight birthdaygold birthdaycolour birthdaypearl birthdaystud birthdayearrings birthdayhave birthdaybeen birthdaycreated birthdayusing birthdaySwarovski birthdayglass birthdaypearls, birthdaysizes birthdayavailable, birthday6 birthdayor birthday8 birthdaymm. birthdayThe birthdaystuds birthdayand birthday2 birthdaypairs birthdayof birthdaybutterfly birthdaybacks birthdayare birthdaySterling birthdaysilver. birthdayThey birthdaywill birthdaybe birthdaysent birthdayin birthdaya birthdaygift birthdaypouch.

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