Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pendant, Vintage 3D Sterling Silver Cruise Liner Ship Charm 4.2 g



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Vintage liner ship3D liner shipsterling liner shipsilver liner shipcruise liner shipliner liner shipship liner shipcharmHollow liner shipunderneathMeasures liner shipapproximately liner ship33mm liner shiplength liner shipexcluding liner shiplittle liner shipfixed liner shipring liner shipby liner ship11mm liner shipmaximum liner shipheight liner ship(1 liner ship& liner ship1/4 liner shipinch liner shipby liner ship7/16th's liner shipof liner shipan liner shipinch)No liner shipmarkings, liner shiptested liner shipsilverWeighs liner ship4.2 liner shipgramsPre-owned liner shipvintage liner shipcharm...please liner shipsee liner shipphotographs liner shipfor liner shipconditionA liner shipzoom liner shiplens liner shipis liner shipused liner shipto liner shipphotograph liner shipitems liner shipto liner shiphelp liner shipshow liner shipthe liner shipdetail. liner shipPlease liner shipcheck liner shipphotographs liner shipand liner shipsizes liner shipof liner shipitems liner shipand liner shipweights liner shipof liner shipitems liner shipbefore liner shipbuyingIdeal liner shipgift liner shipto liner shipyourself liner shipor liner shipothers

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