Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

30 bronze round 3/4 inch Pendant Tray Blanksblanks, 20mm round charm settingblanks, DIY photo jewelryblanks, holds 20mm cabochonblanks, copper resin frame



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I blanksship blanksdaily blanksfrom blanksthe blanksUSA blanksMonday blanksthrough blanksFriday. blanks blanks30 blanksantiqued blankscopper blanksround blanks3/4 blanksinch blanksPendant blanksTray blanksBlanks, blanks blanks20mm blanksround blankscharm blankssetting, blanksDIY blanksphoto blanksjewelry, blanksholds blanks20mm blankscabochon, blankscopper blanksresin blanksframeThis blankslisting blanksis blanksfor blanks30 blanksantiqued blankscopper blanksframes. blanksSAVE blanks10% blankswhen blanksyou blanksspend blanks$50 blanksor blanksmore. blanks blanksUse blanksCoupon blanksCode blanksSAVE10ON50.Matching blanksglass blanksand blanksnecklace blankschains blanksare blanksalso blanksavailable.Pendant blankstray blankssettings blanksthat blankshold blanksa blanks20mm blanks(approx. blanks3/4 blanksinch blankscabochon. blanks blanksThey blanksare blankscompletely blankssealed, blanksso blanksare blanksperfect blanksfor blanksusing blanksresin blanksor blanksglaze. blanks blanksThey blanksare blanksperfect blanksfor blankscharm blanksbracelets, blankspendants blanksand blanksphoto blanksjewelry.Cadmium, blankslead blanksand blanksnickel blankssafe.Inner blanksdiameter: blanks20mm

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