Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

925, Lovely Sterling Silver Curb Link Necklace Chain H/MK 48.7g



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Lovely 925sterling 925silver 925curb 925link 925necklace 925chainMeasures 925approximately 92520 925inches 925lengthLink 925measures 9257mm 925 925 925(1/4 925of 925an 925inch) 925Hallmarked, 925Birmingham 925assay 925office, 925no 925date 925& 925925Lobster 925catch 925fastenerWeighs 92548.7 925gramsPre-owned 925...please 925see 925photographs 925for 925conditionA 925zoom 925lens 925is 925used 925to 925photograph 925items 925to 925help 925show 925the 925detail. 925Please 925check 925photographs 925and 925sizes 925of 925items 925and 925weights 925of 925items 925before 925buyingIdeal 925gift 925to 925yourself 925or 925others

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