Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Funky Flower Felt Brooch - Hand stitched blue floral brooch made with felted merino lambswool - Colourfulflower badge, kitsch and fun flower design



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A flower pincute, flower pinkitsch flower pinand flower pincolourful flower pinlittle flower pinhandmade flower pinbrooch, flower pinperfect flower pinfor flower pinbrightening flower pinup flower pinyour flower pinday flower pinwith flower pina flower pinfloral flower pintwist. flower pinOr flower pinyou flower pincould flower pinsend flower pinit flower pinto flower pina flower pinflower-loving flower pinfriend flower pinto flower pinmake flower pinthem flower pinsmile!The flower pinmain, flower pinblue flower pinpart flower pinof flower pinthe flower pinbrooch flower pinbacking flower pinis flower pinmade flower pinfrom flower pinmy flower pinown flower pinmachine flower pinknitted flower pinfabric flower pinwhich flower pinhas flower pinbeen flower pinfelted flower pinto flower pinmake flower pina flower pinlovely flower pinsoft flower pin& flower pindense flower pin100% flower pinMerino flower pinLambswool flower pinfelt. flower pinThe flower pinpure flower pinwool flower pinused flower pinfor flower pinthis flower pinhas flower pina flower pinreally flower pinbeautiful flower pinquality flower pinand flower pinis flower pinspun flower pinright flower pinhere flower pinin flower pinthe flower pinUK. flower pinThe flower pinturquoise flower pinflower flower pinhas flower pinbeen flower pinpunched flower pinout flower pinof flower pinreal flower pinleather. flower pinTo flower pinfinish flower pinit flower pinall flower pinoff, flower pinand flower pinfor flower pina flower pinlittle flower pinadded flower pintouch flower pinof flower pinkitsch flower pinfun, flower pinI flower pinsewed flower pinon flower pina flower pinsweet flower pinlittle flower pinheart flower pinbutton flower pinin flower pinpurple.All flower pinthree flower pinelements flower pinare flower pinhand flower pinstitched flower pintogether flower pinsecurely flower pinwith flower pinwhite flower pinembroidery flower pinthread flower pinand flower pinthe flower pinpin flower pinattaches flower pinwith flower pina flower pinsilver flower pinplated flower pinbrooch flower pinback flower pinon flower pinthe flower pinreverse.Handmade flower pinin flower pinScotland.Approx. flower pinDimensions: flower pin2 flower pininches flower pin/ flower pin5.5 flower pincm flower pindiameter

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