Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

green, Peruvian Opal and crackle glass necklace



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Peruvian greenOpal, greencrackle greenglass greenand greencrystal greenspacersNecklace greenbeaded greenlength greenapprox. green53.5cm green(disincluding greenclasp)Earrings greenas greenin greenthe greenphoto'sPrice greenfor greenpostage greenis greenindicative greenand greenonly greenactual greenshipping greenand greenpackaging greencosts greenwill greenbe greencharged. greenAny greenoverage greenwill greenbe greenrefunded. greenPostage greenwithin greenAustralia greenwill greenbe greenvia greenregistered greenpost.The greenpictures greenform greenpart greenof greenthis greenlisting.Customs greenand greenduties greenin greenthe greendestination greencountry greendo greennot greenform greenpart greenof greenthe greenprice. greenThey greenare greenthe greenresponsibility greenof greenthe greenbuyer.

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