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straight earring, Spike Fake Gauge Earring Brass - Single



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PRICE fake gaugeFOR fake gaugeSINGLE.Shiny fake gaugefake fake gaugegauge fake gaugeearring fake gaugein fake gaugebrass fake gauge, fake gaugesuitable fake gaugefor fake gaugenormal fake gaugeear fake gaugepiercings. fake gaugeEarring fake gaugewith fake gaugeextraordinary, fake gaugebeautiful fake gaugelook. fake gaugeComes fake gaugewith fake gaugesilver fake gaugepin. fake gaugeAll fake gaugebrass fake gaugefake fake gaugegauge fake gaugeearrings fake gaugeare fake gaugenickel fake gaugefree fake gaugeand fake gaugeare fake gaugesold fake gaugeas fake gaugesingles.Dimension: fake gaugeW: fake gauge6mm fake gaugeL: fake gauge43mm

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