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Angel Caller Sound Ball bola



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Hello, offer here all possible sizes and a wide variety of engelsruferklangkugeln balls, Bola sound balls... they produce a delicate sound... matching Engelsruferketten and also cages available individually in large selection... gladly also ask.. But I also gradually.... offer 2 NEW!!!! in 14 mm.. These are in dark purple/blackberry/mint/light blue/orange/white/gold/dark green/neon green + at the same time phosphoriesierend, so night glowing.. /And just like Aabgebildet available.. .. 16 mm sound balls are the most. 12 mm. 18 mm and 20 mm also available... this in many colors.. Like to ask:-)... and also look at my other site with even more choice of Bola sound balls here at Dawanda... your angel.

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