Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

friendship rings, 3 Peyote Rings * *



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* purple* purpleThree purplerings... purpleA purpleprice purple* purple** purple* purpleSuitable purplefor purpleany purpleoccasion purple* purple** purple* purplefits purplesnugly purpleon purpleevery purplefinger purple* purple** purple* purple_Suchen purplesimply purplefrom purplethe purplebasic purplecolors purple(on purplethe purpleother purplephotos)The purplematching purplecolors purpleand purpleI purplecreate purplethisOblique purplepattern purplefor purpleSie_ purple* purple** purple* purpleThese purplerings purpleI purplehave purplethreaded purplefrom purplesmall purpleseed purplebeads purple(Mijuki) purplein purplepeyote purpletechnique purple* purple** purple* purple_Jeder purplering purpleis purple0.9 purplemm purpleBreit_ purple* purple*The purplerings purplecan purplealso purplebe purplemade purplewider.* purple* purpleProduction purple* purple*Handmade purplewith purpleheart purpleand purplesoul!* purple* purpleDo purplenot purpleforget purple_BITTE purplering!!!!!!!!!! purple_**

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