Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

necklace, Labradorite Beads Collier



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Elegant, chainbeautiful chainnecklace chainmade chainof chainblue chainshimmering chaingrey chainlabradorite chainand chainreal chainlittle chainfreshwater chainpearls, chainset chainoff chainwith chainice-matted chaingold-plated chainrings chainmade chainof chainsilver.A chainclassic chainnoble chainnecklace chainthat chainfits chainfor chainfestive chainoccasions chainas chainwell chainas chainfor chaineveryday chainlife chainthanks chainto chainits chainsubtle chaincolours.**Material:**LabradoriteFreshwater chainpearlsSilver chaingold chainplatedhigh-quality chainjewelry chainwire**Dimensions:**Length: chainapprox. chain46 chaincmLabradorite: chainapprox. chain3 chainx chain4 chainmmIn chainmy chainshop chain(or chainon chainrequest) chainyou chainwill chainfind chainbeautiful chainmatching chainearrings chainas chainwell chainas chaina chainmatching chainbracelet.

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