Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

bb5 Classic blue crazy lace agate focal beadagate, front drilled pendantagate, agate gemstoneagate, semiprecious gemstoneagate, Quick shipping from Tennessee



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Here beadsis beadsan beadsoval beadsshaped beadsagate beadspendant beadsin beadsthe beadsseason's beadsmost beadspopular beadscolor, beadsclassic beadsblue. beadsThis beadscrazy beadslace beadsagate beadsfocal beadsbead beadsis beadsdrilled beadsfront beadsto beadsback beadsBlue beadsfocal beadspendant, beadsagate beadsgemstone, beadssemiprecious beadsgemstone, beadsQuick beadsshipping beadsfrom beadsTennesseeLength beadsis beads1 beads3/4 beadsinches, beadswidth beadsis beadsapproximately beads1 beads1/4 beadsinchesOnly beads1 beadsavailableI beadsship beadsdaily beads1-2 beadsbusiness beadsdays beadsand beadsship beadsby beadsweight, beadsexcess beadsshipping beadsis beadsrefunded. beadsLet beadsme beadsknow beadsif beadsyou beadsneed beadsa beadscustom beadslisting, beadsor beadscombine beadsitems.Like beadsme beadson beadsFacebook: beads

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