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gemstone jewelry, Bracelet Tibetan Turquoise "great quality" S6



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Turquoise turquoise braceletBraceletA turquoise braceletbeautiful turquoise braceletbracelet turquoise braceletwith turquoise bracelet23 turquoise braceletballs turquoise braceletof turquoise braceletTibetan turquoise braceletturquoise.Raised turquoise braceleton turquoise braceleta turquoise braceletsturdy turquoise braceletstretcher.Really turquoise braceletnice!!!Weight: turquoise braceletapprox. turquoise bracelet18g turquoise bracelet\u2022 turquoise braceletInner turquoise bracelet\u00d8 turquoise braceletapprox. turquoise bracelet5.6 turquoise braceletcm turquoise bracelet\u2022 turquoise bracelet\u00d8 turquoise braceletof turquoise braceletballs: turquoise bracelet8 turquoise braceletmm turquoise bracelet\u2022 turquoise braceletS6

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