Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

the walking dead, Zombie/the walking dead theme necklace



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Hand hand mademade hand madenecklace hand madeis hand mademade hand madefrom hand madewax hand madecord hand madeand hand madeis hand made24cm hand madelong, hand madehanging hand madelength hand madewith hand madethe hand madethe hand madezombie hand madependant hand madeis hand made26.5cm hand madelong, hand madewith hand madetwo hand madetone hand madebeads hand madeand hand madespacers hand madethe hand madefastener hand madeis hand madea hand madelobster hand madeclaw.This hand madehand hand mademade hand madenecklace hand madecomes hand madein hand madea hand madebutterfly hand madejewellery hand madebag hand madeif hand madethe hand madeorder hand madeis hand mademarked hand madeas hand madea hand madegift.Shipping!!Domestic hand madeshipping hand madeall hand madeover hand madeEngland hand madewill hand madebe hand madeby hand made2nd hand madeclass hand madepost.International hand madeshipping!!Standard hand madeshipping hand madethat hand madecan hand madetake hand madeupto hand made6-10 hand madeworking hand madedays.(may hand madetake hand madelonger).This hand madewill hand madenot hand madehave hand madetracking hand madedetails.There hand madewill hand madebe hand madean hand madeoption hand madeto hand madeupgrade hand madethe hand madeshipping hand madeat hand madethe hand madecheckout hand madeif hand madeyou hand madewish hand madefor hand madeyour hand madeorder hand madeto hand madebe hand madetracked.

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