Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

glass, Floral porcelain ceramic bead necklace pale green pink polished stone or glass glass lily pad enamel beads retro Pretty!



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Lovely beadsvintage beadsfloral beadsbead beadsretro beadsnecklace beadsin beadsvery beadsgood beadscondition! beadsMeasures beadsabout beads18.5 beadsinches beadsin beadslength. beadsStone beadsbeads beadsare beadsin beadsshades beadsof beadspale beadspink/peach, beadspale beadsgreen beadswith beadswhite beadsveining, beadsand beadsceramic beadstype beadsbeads beadswith beadsflowers beadsof beadslily beadspads beadsin beadsshades beadsof beadsgreen, beadsmagenta, beadsaqua, beadsyellow, beadsand beadsgreen beadswith beadssilver beadsor beadspewter beadsmetal beadsspaces beadsand beadssilver beadscolored beadsclasp. beadsNice beadsheavier beadsweight. beadsVery beadsnice beadsvintage beadsmetal beadsclasp. beadsVery beadspretty beads& beadswearable beadsvintage beadsnecklace!

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