Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

wedding jewelry, Crystal & White Pearl Bridal Choker Necklace Set



In stock



The bridal jewelrybridal bridal jewelrycrystal bridal jewelryand bridal jewelrypearl bridal jewelry bridal jewelryis bridal jewelrybeautifully bridal jewelryhandmade bridal jewelrywith bridal jewelryoval bridal jewelryfaux bridal jewelrypearl bridal jewelrycrystal bridal jewelryfocal bridal jewelrycabochons, bridal jewelryrice bridal jewelryPearl bridal jewelrybeads, bridal jewelrysparkly bridal jewelrycrystal bridal jewelryclear bridal jewelryfaceted bridal jewelryglass bridal jewelrybeads bridal jewelryand bridal jewelrycrystal bridal jewelrysilver bridal jewelryplated bridal jewelrybar bridal jewelryspacer bridal jewelrybeads. bridal jewelry bridal jewelryA bridal jewelrysilver bridal jewelrychain bridal jewelryhas bridal jewelrybeen bridal jewelryattached bridal jewelryat bridal jewelrythe bridal jewelrynape bridal jewelryfor bridal jewelryextra bridal jewelrysecurity bridal jewelryduring bridal jewelryuse.*Comes bridal jewelrywith bridal jewelrymatching bridal jewelryearrings bridal jewelrymade bridal jewelrywith bridal jewelryfaux bridal jewelrypearl bridal jewelrybeads, bridal jewelrydaisy bridal jewelryspacers, bridal jewelry& bridal jewelrysilver bridal jewelryteardrop bridal jewelrybeads.*Fits bridal jewelryaverage bridal jewelrysize bridal jewelryneck bridal jewelrysecurely bridal jewelrywith bridal jewelrya bridal jewelrylobster bridal jewelryclasp.*Total bridal jewelrycircumference bridal jewelryis: bridal jewelry bridal jewelry14-15" bridal jewelryaround. bridal jewelry bridal jewelryIf bridal jewelryyou bridal jewelryneck bridal jewelryis bridal jewelrybigger bridal jewelryplease bridal jewelryrequest bridal jewelryextra bridal jewelrychain.*Could bridal jewelrypossibly bridal jewelrybe bridal jewelryused bridal jewelryas bridal jewelrya bridal jewelrybridal bridal jewelryheadband bridal jewelryif bridal jewelrythe bridal jewelrychain bridal jewelryis bridal jewelryremoved.*Comes bridal jewelrywith bridal jewelrymatching bridal jewelryearrings bridal jewelrymade bridal jewelrywith bridal jewelryfaux bridal jewelryPearl bridal jewelryrice bridal jewelrybeads bridal jewelryand bridal jewelryclear bridal jewelrycrystal bridal jewelryfaceted bridal jewelrybeads bridal jewelryto bridal jewelrycomplete bridal jewelrythe bridal jewelryensemble bridal jewelryfor bridal jewelryyour bridal jewelryspecial bridal jewelrywedding bridal jewelryday bridal jewelryor bridal jewelryother bridal jewelryspecial.*Processing bridal jewelrytime bridal jewelryfor bridal jewelrynon-stocked bridal jewelrysets bridal jewelrylike bridal jewelrythis bridal jewelryis bridal jewelry1-2 bridal jewelrydays.

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