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uk seller, Handmade Cream Red Lampwork Glass Bead and Copper Hoop Style Earrings



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Copper hoop earringshoop hoop earringsstyle hoop earringsearrings hoop earringsmade hoop earringsusing hoop earringsbeautiful hoop earringscream/red hoop earringsblossom hoop earringsbeads hoop earringsfrom hoop earringsUK hoop earringsArtist hoop earringsHelen hoop earringsChalmers, hoop earringsall hoop earringsmy hoop earringsown hoop earringscopper hoop earringswork hoop earringswhich hoop earringshas hoop earringsbeen hoop earringsoxidised hoop earringsto hoop earringsgive hoop earringsaged hoop earringslook, hoop earringslength hoop earringsfrom hoop earringstip hoop earringsof hoop earringsearwire hoop earringsapprox hoop earrings4.5cm

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