Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

amulet, Ebony wood Amulet with silver inlaid eight sided lotus design



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Ebony silver inlaywood silver inlaycircular silver inlayamulet silver inlaywith silver inlayan silver inlayeight silver inlaysided silver inlaylotus silver inlayflower silver inlaydesign silver inlayinlaid silver inlaywith silver inlaysilver silver inlaywire silver inlaydots silver inlayof silver inlayvarying silver inlaysizes. silver inlayThe silver inlaywood silver inlayis silver inlayfinely silver inlaysanded silver inlaythen silver inlayoiled silver inlayto silver inlaygive silver inlaya silver inlayvery silver inlaysmooth silver inlaytouch.The silver inlaypiece silver inlayis silver inlayconvex silver inlayon silver inlayboth silver inlaysides. silver inlayThe silver inlaydesign silver inlayis silver inlayon silver inlaythe silver inlaytop silver inlayside. silver inlayThe silver inlaydiameter silver inlayis silver inlay6cm.This silver inlaypiece silver inlaycan silver inlaybe silver inlaysold silver inlayas silver inlayan silver inlayamulet silver inlayor silver inlayturned silver inlayinto silver inlaya silver inlaypendant silver inlaywith silver inlaya silver inlaynecklace silver inlayof silver inlaychain, silver inlaywire silver inlayor silver inlaychord silver inlayat silver inlayan silver inlayextra silver inlaycost.This silver inlaypiece silver inlaycan silver inlaybe silver inlaymade silver inlayin silver inlaya silver inlayvariety silver inlayof silver inlaywoods silver inlayand silver inlayinlaid silver inlaydesigns silver inlayin silver inlaydifferent silver inlaymetals. silver inlayI silver inlaywelcome silver inlaycommissions.

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