Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gold filled, Swarovski Rounds and Gold Rings Earrings



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These goldearrings goldfeature goldSwarovski goldCrystal goldballs goldand goldVermeil goldrings goldwire goldwrapped goldwith goldgold-filled goldwire. gold goldEarwires goldare goldalso goldgold-filled.\r\rShown goldin goldFuchsia goldAB. goldCan goldbe goldcustomized.\r\rAvailable goldin goldAquamarine, goldAquamarine goldAB, goldCopper, goldCrystal, goldCrystal goldAB, goldCrystal goldGolden goldShadow, goldFuchsia goldAB, goldIndian goldPink goldAB, goldIndian goldSapphire, goldLight goldRose goldAB, goldLight goldRose goldSatin, goldOlivine, goldOlivine goldAB\r\rPlease goldspecify goldcolor goldwhen goldordering.

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