Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

art, 3D Printed Silver Pendant



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SPECIAL silverOFFER silveruntil silver31/10/2019!Now silveronly silver200 silverEuros."Growth silverStatement silver3D silverPrinted silverPendant" silverThis silverpendant silveris silver3D silverprinted silverin silverpolished silversilver. silverDesigned silverthrough silverparametric silversoftware, silver silverinspired silverby silvernature silverand silverthe silvergrowth silverprocesses. silverIt silverincludes silvera silver925 silversilver silverchain, silverforming silverthe silverperfect silverstatement silvernecklace silverfor silveryour silverneck silverand silveroutfit. silverThis silverproduct silveris silvercustom silvermade silverand silver'one silverof silvera silverkind' silverand silvercannot silverbe silverfound silverelsewhere! silverCOLOR:\tSilverMATERIAL silverPolished silverSilverDIMENSIONS7.7cm silverx silver2.1cm silverx silver5cm

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