Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

1930's BRASS Scottie Dog Pinunique brooch, Vintage 30s SCOTTISH TERRIER Brooch



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A unique broochvery unique broochattractive unique broochbrooch unique broochthat unique broochis unique broochan unique broochantiqued unique broochbrass unique broochpin unique broochwith unique broochan unique broochArt unique broochDeco unique broochdesign unique broochof unique broocha unique broochScottish unique broochTerrier unique broochdog. unique broochHe unique broochis unique broochmade unique broochof unique broochthinly unique broochstamped unique broochout unique broochbrass unique broochthat unique broochhas unique broocha unique broochnice, unique broochwarmly unique broochaged unique broochpatina. unique broochIt unique broochhas unique broocha unique broochgood unique broochsafety unique broochclasp. unique broochThis unique broochcute unique broochvintage unique broochpin unique broochmeasures unique brooch2 unique brooch3/8" unique broochwide unique broochand unique brooch2 unique brooch5/6" unique broochtall.

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