Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

TORTOLANI Floral Brooch and Earrings Settortolani earrings, Vintagre Tortolani Poppy Earrings Settortolani earrings, Silver Poppy Brooch Settortolani earrings, Tortolani Earrings Settortolani earrings, Poppies



In stock



This poppy jewelryis poppy jewelryan poppy jewelryelegant poppy jewelryand poppy jewelryrarely poppy jewelryseen poppy jewelryvintage poppy jewelry1950's poppy jewelryTortolani poppy jewelrysilver poppy jewelryfloral poppy jewelrypoppy poppy jewelrybrooch poppy jewelryand poppy jewelryearrings poppy jewelryset.Done poppy jewelryin poppy jewelrysilver poppy jewelryover poppy jewelrypewter poppy jewelryfinish poppy jewelrywith poppy jewelryoxidation poppy jewelryfor poppy jewelryjust poppy jewelrythe poppy jewelryperfect poppy jewelryaccents, poppy jewelrythis poppy jewelryset poppy jewelryfeatures poppy jewelrya poppy jewelrysingle poppy jewelryhighly poppy jewelrydetailed poppy jewelryand poppy jewelrydimensional poppy jewelrypoppy poppy jewelryflower poppy jewelrybrooch poppy jewelrywith poppy jewelrymatching poppy jewelryclip poppy jewelryearrings.Tortolani poppy jewelryopened poppy jewelryhis poppy jewelrydesign poppy jewelrystudio poppy jewelryin poppy jewelrythe poppy jewelrylate poppy jewelry1940’s poppy jewelryin poppy jewelryLos poppy jewelryAngeles, poppy jewelryCalifornia. poppy jewelryHe poppy jewelryrapidly poppy jewelrybecame poppy jewelryrecognized poppy jewelryand poppy jewelrysought poppy jewelryafter poppy jewelryfor poppy jewelryhis poppy jewelrybeautiful poppy jewelrybold poppy jewelryjewelry poppy jewelrydone poppy jewelryin poppy jewelrysilver, poppy jewelrygold, poppy jewelryor poppy jewelrycopper poppy jewelryover poppy jewelrypewter.~ poppy jewelryMEASUREMENT: poppy jewelryBrooch poppy jewelry- poppy jewelry2" poppy jewelryacross poppy jewelry/ poppy jewelryEarrings poppy jewelry1-1/4" poppy jewelryacross~ poppy jewelryCONDITION: poppy jewelryExcellent~ poppy jewelrySIGNED: poppy jewelry"(c)Tortolani"ITEM poppy jewelry#T55AL514*** poppy jewelryBe poppy jewelrysure poppy jewelryto poppy jewelryview poppy jewelrymore poppy jewelryjewelry poppy jewelryitems poppy jewelryat: poppy jewelrywww./shop/aplaceofdistinction*** poppy jewelryDon’t poppy jewelrymiss poppy jewelrymy poppy jewelryhome poppy jewelrydécor poppy jewelryshop poppy jewelryat: poppy jewelrywww./shop/chanteclairinteriors*** poppy jewelryView poppy jewelrymy poppy jewelryvintage poppy jewelrylinen poppy jewelryand poppy jewelrylace poppy jewelryitems poppy jewelryat: poppy jewelrywww./shop/thelaceemporium

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