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hair pin, Extra Large Qing Dynasty Kingfisher feather Hair Pin Antique VINTAGE Chinese 19th Tian-tsui 點翠



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This blueis bluea bluehair bluepin bluemade bluefrom bluelaying bluekingfisher bluebird bluefeathers blueon bluesilver bluemetal. blueThe bluetechnique blueand bluethe bluebeautiful blueblue bluefluorescent bluefeathers bluewere bluehighly blueprized blueand bluesought blueafter bluein blue19th bluecentury blueChina.Kingfishers blueare bluetiny bluebirds blueand blueit bluetakes bluea bluelot blueof blueskill blueto blueuse bluetheir bluefeathers bluein bluethis bluemanner. blueThe bluetechnique, bluecalled bluetian-tsui, bluemeans blue\u201cdotting bluewith bluekingfishers\u201d blueand blueinvolves blueadhering bluethe bluefeathers blueonto bluemetal. blueThis bluetechnique bluedisappeared blueduring bluethe blueChinese blueRevolution bluein bluethe blue1940\u2032s.It's bluea bluefabulous bluepiece blueof bluehistory.Head bluesize: blue2 blue1/4" bluewide bluex blue2" bluelong, blue5" bluelong bluewith bluepin.

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