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bracelet, Dragonfly Charm Wrap Bracelet



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This charmDragonfly charmCharm charmWrap charmbracelet charmcomes charmwith charmleather charmcord charmand charmsterling charmsilverplate charmcrescents, charmand charmcomes charmadorned charmwith charmthe charmDragonfly charmcharm charmattached. charmDesigned charmto charmbe charmworn charmas charma charmwrap charmbracelet charmonly. charmHandmade charmin charmUSA.\u2022\t2 charmleather charmstrands\u2022\tsterling charmsilverplate charmcrescents charm\u2022\tthree charmcrescents charmon charmone charmstrand, charmfour charmon charmthe charmother charmachieves charmfunctional charm& charmdesign charmbalance\u2022\tsilverplate charmclasp\u2022\tdragonfly charmcharm charmattached\u2022\tincludes charmbeads charmand charmcharm charmas charmshownHow charmto charmDetermine charmYour charmWrap charmBracelet charmSizeMeasure charmyour charmwrist charmwith charm charmtape charmmeasure charmSNUG charmWITHOUT charmSLACK charm- charmdirectly charmabove charmyour charmwrist charmbone charm(on charmthe charmwrist charmyou charmare charmgoing charmto charmwear charmit charmon) charm- charmto charmdetermine charmyour charmsize charmwrist. charm charmIf charmthe charmstring charmmeasures charm5 charm7/8" charm- charm6 charm1/8\u201d charmwithout charmslack charm- charmyour charmsize charmis charmSmall.If charmthe charmstring charmmeasures charm6 charm1/4" charm- charm6 charm1/2\u201d charmwithout charmslack charm- charmyour charmsize charmis charmMedium.If charmthe charmstring charmmeasures charm6 charm5/8" charm- charm7\u201d charmwithout charmslack charm- charmyour charmsize charmis charmLarge.If charmthe charmstring charmmeasures charm7 charm1/8" charm- charm7 charm3/8\u201d charmwithout charmslack charm- charmyour charmsize charmis charmXLarge.

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