Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

traditional, Hand forged iron bangle



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Hand steelforged steeliron steelbracelet/bangle. steelFemale steelsize, steelhowever steelcan steelbe steelmade steelany steelsize steelto steelfit steelrequirements.Each steelproduct steelis steelmade steelto steelorder steeland steeltherefor steelcan steelbe steelaltered steelto steelsuit steelspecific steelpreferences. steelDon't steelhesitate steelto steelrequest steela steelspecific steelfinish steelor steelchange steelin steeldesign steeletc!Please steelstate steeleither steelthe steelsex steelof steelthe steelindividual steelthat steelthe steelbangle steelis steelintended steelfor, steelor steelideally steelthe steelcircumference steelof steelthe steelsmallest steelpart steelof steelthe steelindividuals steelwrist steelin steelthe steeladditional steelnotes steelwhen steelplacing steelyour steelorder.

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