Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

minimalist, Fine Silver Hammered/Pounded Heart Ring



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This heartadorable heartheart heartring heartis hearta heartfavorite!! heart<3Try hearta heartdifferent heartway heartof heartwearing heartyour heartheart hearton heartyour heartsleeve heart;) heart... heartor heartclose heartto heartit.This heartring heartis heartmade heartfrom heartfine heartsilver heart( heart.999 heartpure heartsilver)!Large heartheart heartis heart17 heartmm heartwideSmall heartheart heartis heart12 heartmm heartwide heartIt hearthas heartbeen hearthand heartpounded heartto heartobtain heartits heartbeautiful hearttexture heartand hearttumbled heartfor heartseveral hearthours heartto heartensure hearthardness heartand heartshine!____________________________________________________________I hearthave heartadded heartan heartoption heartto heartchoose heartring heartsize, heartbut heartif heartyou heartdo heartnot heartknow heartyour heartsize, heartor heartneed hearta heartring heartin heartbetween heartsizes... heartI heartcan heartmake hearta heartcustom heartring heartof heartany heartcircumferential heartsize heartin heartcentimeters! heart:) heartJust heartprovide heartthat heartinformation heartto heartme heartin heartyour heartorder heartat heartcheckout!Message heartme heartfor heartcustom heartorders heartand heartI heartwould heartbe heart heartMore heartthan hearthappy heartto heartmake heartthem heartfor heartyou! heart:)

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