Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Wire Wrapped Pendant: Amberamber, Green Demantoid Garnet (x3)amber, Sterling Silver. "C'est La Vie"



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"C'est sterling silverla sterling silverVie" sterling silverAmber: sterling silverAn sterling silveramazing sterling silverlight sterling silverweight sterling silvertranslucent sterling silverfossilized sterling silverresin sterling silverproduced sterling silverby sterling silverextinct sterling silverconiferous sterling silvertrees sterling silverof sterling silverthe sterling silverTertiary sterling silverperiod. sterling silver3x sterling silverGarnets: sterling silverThe sterling silverfaces sterling silverof sterling silverthese sterling silverstones sterling silvergrow sterling silvernaturally sterling silverinto sterling silverdiamond sterling silvershaped sterling silverfaces. sterling silverWrapped sterling silverin sterling silver.925 sterling silverSterling sterling silverSilverPendant sterling silvermeasures sterling silver2.2inches sterling silverx sterling silver1.2inches

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