Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

hair accessory, Copper wire wrapped hair/shawl pins with pink/white stones.



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These pinkbeautiful pinkpins pinkare pinkmade pinkof pinkthick pink10 pinkgauge pinkorganic pinkcopper pinkwire pinkwith pinkglass pinkbeads pinkand pinksemi-precious pinkstones. pinkThe pinktotal pinklength pinkof pinkthe pinkpins pink pinkvaries pinkfrom pink13 pinkto pink14 pinkcm pink(5,11" pinkto pink5,51"). pink pinkThe pinkpin pinklength pinkmeasured pinkfrom pinkthe pinkbase pinkof pinkthe pinkpin pinkhead pinkis pinkminimum pink10 pinkcm pink(3,93"). pinkThe pinkcopper pinkis pinkoxidized, pinkhammered pinkand pinkpolished.You pinkcan pinkchoose pinkfrom pinkthe pinkfollowing pinkstones:-rose pinkquartz;-pink pinkfresh pinkwater pinkpearls;SOLD pink-clear pinkglass pinkvintage pinkbead pinkfrom pinkthe pinkcut-glass pinkchandelier pink(upcycle);-moon pinklite pinkwhite pinkopalites;Please, pinkmake pinkyour pinkchoice pinkat pinkthe pinkcheckout.

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