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charms, Sterling Silver Crab Charm



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Measurements animal(mm): animalLength: animal21 animal animalWidth: animal13 animal animalHeight: animal3 animalSterling animalSilver animalCrab animalCharmThis animalrealistic animalcrab animalcharm animallooks animallike animalit's animalfresh animalout animalof animalthe animalsalty animalwaters animalwith animalit's animaltough animalexterior, animaland animalsnappy animalclaws. animalIn animalChinese animalcultures, animala animalcrab animalsymbolizes animalgood animalluck, animaland animalis animalalso animalreminiscent animalof animala animalsun. animalIn animalother animalbeliefs, animalthis animalcrustacean animalalso animalrepresents animalprotection, animaland animaltransformation. animalMoving animalwith animalthe animalnatural animalflow animalof animalthe animalocean, animalthese animaltiny animalcreatures animalmake animaltheir animalway animalto animalthe animalshores animalby animaldoing animala animalsideways animalshuffle. animalAny animalocean animallover animalwould animalbe animalas animal'happy animalas animala animalcrab' animalto animalget animalthis animalcute animalcharm animalas animala animalpiece animalof animaljewelry!Cast animaland animalhand animalfinished animalin animalThailand.

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