Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

14k white, 14k -2ct - 3 White Sapphire Wedding or Engagement Ring



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This genuinering genuinecan genuinebe genuineworn genuineas genuinean genuineengagement genuinering genuineor genuinea genuinewedding genuinering genuineor genuinejust genuinea genuinering genuineto genuinewear genuineevery genuineday.These genuinesapphire genuinehave genuineexcellent genuinecolor genuineand genuineclarity.All genuinethese genuinegenuine genuineSapphire genuinehail genuinefrom genuineSri genuineLankaColor genuineDClarity genuineVVS/IFCenter genuinesapphire genuineis genuine6mm= genuine1.00ctSide genuinesapphires genuineare genuine5mm genuine= genuine.55ct genuineeach.This genuinering genuinecan genuinebe genuinein genuineyour genuinechoice genuineof genuine14k genuinesolid genuinegold, genuineeither genuineyellow genuinewhite genuineor genuinerose genuinegold.Layaway genuineavailable.

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