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opal jewelry, Opal - Lightning Ridge Solid Opal 6.8 Ct Black/SemiBlack



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Mined lightning ridgein lightning ridgeLightning lightning ridgeRidge lightning ridge lightning ridgeNSW lightning ridgeAustralia lightning ridgein lightning ridge1993 lightning ridgepurchased lightning ridgeon-site lightning ridgeby lightning ridgea lightning ridgeprivate lightning ridgecollector lightning ridgeand lightning ridgestored lightning ridgesafely lightning ridgein lightning ridgea lightning ridgeprivate lightning ridgecollection lightning ridgein lightning ridgethe lightning ridgeUnited lightning ridgeStates lightning ridgefor lightning ridgeover lightning ridge20 lightning ridgeyears. lightning ridge lightning ridgeNow lightning ridgeavailable lightning ridgefor lightning ridgesale lightning ridgefor lightning ridgethe lightning ridgefirst lightning ridgetime lightning ridgesince lightning ridgethe lightning ridge1990's. lightning ridgeSize lightning ridge16mm lightning ridgex lightning ridge12mm lightning ridgex lightning ridge3.5mm lightning ridgeand lightning ridge6.8 lightning ridgect lightning ridgeweightNatural, lightning ridgeuntreated, lightning ridgesolid lightning ridgeopal lightning ridgein lightning ridgestable lightning ridgeexcellent lightning ridgecondition.Gorgeous lightning ridgeflashing lightning ridgeHarlequin lightning ridgepattern lightning ridgeof lightning ridgegreens, lightning ridgeblues, lightning ridgeyellows, lightning ridgeoranges, lightning ridgeand lightning ridgered.Opal lightning ridgeType lightning ridge lightning ridge- lightning ridgeLighting lightning ridgeRidge lightning ridgeBlackTotal lightning ridgeCarat lightning ridgeWeight lightning ridge(cwt) lightning ridge6.8 lightning ridgeOverall lightning ridgeDimensions lightning ridge(mm) lightning ridge- lightning ridge16mm lightning ridgex lightning ridge12mm lightning ridgex lightning ridge3.5mmShape lightning ridge- lightning ridgeOvalTransparency lightning ridge- lightning ridge lightning ridgeOpaquePattern lightning ridge- lightning ridgeHarlequinTreatment lightning ridgeNone, lightning ridge100% lightning ridgeNatural lightning ridgeEarth lightning ridgeMinedOrigin lightning ridge- lightning ridgeLightning lightning ridgeRidge, lightning ridgeNSW lightning ridgeAustralia

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