Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

4 3/4" long Shimmer earringshook earrings, silver hologram tusks sequins dangle from a silver tone chain on French hookshook earrings, they shimmer as they dance



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Artisan flash earringsCrafted flash earringsin flash earringsUSAReady flash earringsto flash earringsship4 flash earrings3/4" flash earringslong flash earringsShimmer flash earringsearrings, flash earringssilver flash earringshologram flash earringstusks flash earringssequins flash earringsdangle flash earringsfrom flash earringsa flash earringssilver flash earringstone flash earringschain flash earringson flash earringsFrench flash earringshooks, flash earringsthey flash earringsshimmer flash earringsas flash earringsthey flash earringsdance.Very flash earringslight flash earringsweight, flash earringsthese flash earringsearrings flash earringsdance flash earringswith flash earringsthe flash earringsslightest flash earringsmovement. flash earringsLength flash earringsincludes flash earringsthe flash earringsear flash earringshook.

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