Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

ocean, Seahorse Adjustable Anklet - Sterling Silver



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Anklet uniquefeatures uniquea uniquesilver uniqueseahorse uniquehanging uniquefrom uniquea uniquedouble uniquechain. uniqueAnklet uniqueis uniquemade uniqueof uniquetwo uniquestrands uniqueof unique1.5mm uniquechain uniqueand uniqueis uniqueadjustable uniqueat uniqueeither unique9" uniqueor unique10". unique unique uniqueYou uniquecan uniqueadd uniquesix uniqueblue uniqueglass uniquebeads uniquefor uniquea uniquepop uniqueof uniquecolor. unique uniqueThere uniqueis uniquea uniquedouble uniquesilver uniquebead uniqueadornment uniqueat uniquethe uniqueend uniqueof uniquethe uniquechain uniquefor uniquea uniquenice, uniquefinished uniquelook. uniqueAll uniquesilver uniqueis unique.925 uniquesterling.

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